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Fargo: behind the scenes with Martin Freeman

Martin: “The first  day on the set - I didn’t want to be the limey, who wasn’t getting the accent right.”

Noah Hawley: “There was always this energy that I felt was under the surface, that I felt with him. Which was a very Lester-like quality. Someone is totally handcuffed by ..?…society but is capable of exploding. “

Martin about Fargo: “There’s enough darkness in there to make it not boring to play the Minnesotan nice all the time, ‘cause no one is so nice all the time. …….It’s like ‘Stepford’. Underlie all of this all this conveyble of nicety and manners, there’s some horrible shit going on.”





platonic vs romantic love?

seriously they built up this huge dialog with Molly saying this is what it looks like when someone is in love with Sherlock and then they had John play out the same moments and dialog and people say there’s nothing going on.

Molly is the decoder ring get with it

The intricacies and ingenuity of this Sudoko cube of a show will be the DEATH of me.